Reducing the Stigma

We need to understand there is more of us than we really know. So many people reach out to me and tell me that they are not openly advocating for health freedom, but they are thankful to those that do. So many people fear judgment of others, even though they are confident in their research and decision.

The way we talk about our vaccine free (or partially vaccinated ) status needs to be stated confidently and matter of fact. The more often people meet parents that are open and confident about their informed health decisions the less they will react.

Instead of saying, “I have something big to tell you please do not judge me.” Say, “My children are vaccine free, their immune system is so amazing.” By not over dramatizing your decision, others will not react to it as such a big deal.

The way we word things is important, that is why in my book I chose to say vaccine free instead of unvaccinated. Unlike unbuckled has a perception of lack of protection. My kids are vaccine free, allergy free, autoimmune disease free, and toxin free! This is a very positive statement.

In our home we research what goes into our bodies. We do not use Tylenol, no one in our family has reoccurring drug prescriptions. We avoid fast food and Costco restaurants, and we buy organics. We do not use fragrance or other dirty chemicals known to cause hormone disruption, and we are vaccine free.

There are so many wonderful ways to share the truth about dangers of vaccines, starting by being open about your informed health decisions is a great start! The more of us that are vocal the less stigma there will be.

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