Silent and Not So Silent Advocacy

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Have you even walked by a sweet baby in a store and wanted nothing more than to warn their parents about the risks of vaccination? I know I have. I know I have wanted to scream from the roof top vaccines can cause SIDS!! Growing up being a shy person it's been a long process, but here are some of the steps I took.

  1. Research! Research! Research! Know your stuff, and be honest if you are not sure how to answer a question. Even Doctors will leave the room to google (and now a days google right from their tablets) to answer a question.

  2. Post Online! I know censorship is unreal but try spelling vaccine in different ways, also avoid the words Corona Virus.

  3. Find some fellow freedom keepers online and in person if possible!

  4. Order or make and start leaving our silent advocacy cards. I was honestly so nervous the first time I left cards out, my husband had no idea what I was doing, he couldn't figure out why I was so nervous. I stuck a sticky note advocacy card on the flu shot sign! You know what next time the flu shot sign wasn't even there!!! They moved it closer to the pharmacy but still it was less in your face.

  5. Try approaching people. Offer them a card and then proceed to tell them your personal experience or an experience of a loved one. Share as much information as they are open to and then thank them for taking the time to listen. Could it go terribly wrong, yes. But honestly after dealing with online trolls, people in person will be a breeze. Most people will not have the nerve to attack your personal experience to your face. I haven't had a negative experience. In fact everyone I have approached has sincerely thanked me for the warning! THEY WERE THANKFUL! Many had no idea of the risks and said they would look into it more!

  6. Host a viewing of a documentary like Vaxxed, Vaxxed II or 1986 the Act. There are a number of helpful documentaries.

  7. Gift expecting mothers helpful gifts, like books that will inform them of the dangers.

  8. Attend marches and support others in the movement! A like share and tag can go a long way! We are voting with our $$$ so if you are able to support a small business that support health freedom I encourage you to do so. Let's build each other up! I want to create a recommendation list of health freedom supporting businesses.

  9. Wear t-shirts, carry tote bags, and if you are ready put a bumper sticker on your car that will help inform the public.

  10. Use your talents! Are you a lawyer? Help families in need of health freedom support. Are you an artiest? Design art that gets the message out! A singer write and share a song! Whatever you are good at do that!

Not everyone can find their voice right away, remember every little bit helps! If we all try set a goal to inform 20 people a month, our movement will be unstoppable! They can censor the internet but they cannot silence us offline. I believe in you! Get brave and let's protect health freedom together!

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