A Few of My Favorite Books

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

I started researching vaccine safety while on bedrest with my first born. This was nearly 10 years ago. I was not in any online groups or forums. I was lucky to have access to the internet as going to the library was not an option in my condition.

I went to the CDC website to look up the recommended vaccines. I compared the worst possible outcomes of contracting the childhood illness to the possible adverse reactions to the vaccines. I spent hours everyday looking up everything about each illness they recommend a vaccine for. I looked death rates, treatments and likelihood of contracting the illness.

I researched ways the illness was contracted like HepB which is contracted via bodily fluids of an infected person, most commonly transferred via sexual intercourse, or sharing needles with an infected person. The HepB at birth was relatively easy to decide to decline.

If you are researching vaccines or want to have what I refer to as "security blanket books" I am sharing a few of my favorites. I am going to continue to grow my library. I also have many titles in audiobook format.

1. Dissolving Illusions Suzanne Humphries, MD & Roman Bystrianyk

2. Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and. Effective? Neil Z. Miller

3. How To End the Autism Epidemic J.B. Handley

4. Master Manipulator Grundvig

5. Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak Robert F. Kennedy Jr (audiobook)

6.The Truth about Vaccines CompleteTranscripts (and DVDs)

7. Crooked: Man-Made Disease Explained Forrest Maready

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