Hardcover I'm Not Sick READY TO SHIP

Hardcover I'm Not Sick READY TO SHIP

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Preorder for first edition of I'm Not Sick. This edition is a hardcover Children's Book. Healthy kids can not get other people sick. This book helps dispel many myth that circulate about vaccine free infants and children. This book helps to prevent segregation and discrimination of people with different medical needs and health choices.

I'm Not Sick also mentions religious reasons for making informed health choices.

It is written in the words of a child, simple enough for adults to understand. I'm Not Sick is a valuable tool for children 2-18 to learn about health choice. It helps children of all ages understand why their parents made the informed decision to stop vaccinating or to have vaccine free children.

This book follows two vaccine free little girls as they do normal and healthy activities, such as going to school, dance class and visiting new babies.

Written by a mother and health freedom advocate. "The author reinforces our stance through a whimsical, yet powerful mixture of poetry and prose. A timeless appeal that can reach any and all ages. The elegant watercolor used throughout the photography gives color to her words. She tells a compelling personal story that you can tell carries her unwavering passion as a loving parent."


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